I record, produce, mix, and play music.

My intent is always to achieve the vision of the artist, and to make sure that they are comfortable throughout the recording and mixing process.

Artists I’ve worked with include:  The Milk Blossoms, Ancient Elk, Sister Grotto, Cole Wilson/H. Thunderbolt, Flamingo Pink, Albny, The Carnivores, Manila Dean, Joie Flare, Bury My Bones, Time Scale, The Bipedal Approach, David Keeling, Brooklet, Abstract Collective, The Apple Miner Colony, Tristero, Mariposa, Strange Kids, Greenery Book Club, Tim Huston, Bike Theft, Reflective Surfaces, Treemotel, Places to Be, Everyone Only, Proboscis Jones, Nautilus [construct], Jeremy Bleich/Medjool, Greg Mullen, and The Bluebird Pioneers.

Studio / Equipment / Locations

Though I usually prefer to work in commercial recording studios, I have a small recording studio which is used for mixing and certain tracking sessions.  I often favor recording in “found” spaces such as halls, churches, barns, warehouses, and living rooms, bringing all of the necessary equipment with me.  This is useful if you like to record in a specific location (for comfort, sound, or both), or cannot afford to rent out a recording studio.  If you do not have a space in mind, there are a number of good sounding rooms in the Denver area that we can use for a small fee.

The equipment I use includes high quality vintage and modern microphones (Gefell/Neumann, AKG, Electro-Voice, Shure, Shinybox, and Audix), class-a preamps and compression from Daking, and monitoring from ADAM and Sennheiser.


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